The future of Polystyrene with Mpact

What is our objective?

We want you to think positively about polystyrene: Understand its strengths, benefits, facts, truths, alternatives and the wonderful opportunities that exists.

The future of polystyrene is strong

As a responsible converter of polystyrene packaging, we aim to reduce leakage of this substrate into the environment. Together with its functionality, beneficial secondary applications and the fact that it is a natural product that is harmless to people, we know that polystyrene has a strong and positive future.

We want you to feel reassured about its beneficial end-of-life application, the safety of its use and the contribution that it makes to your daily life.

Staying with
  • Acknowledging perceptions: The visible nature of plastic pollution
  • fit for purpose: meeting the value chain requirements
  • afterlife in secondary markets: lightweight concrete blocks

950 low cost houses, 5 educational centers in rural areas, student accommodation, residential apartment blocks, Cape Town V&A waterfront museum, Gautrain station, lap desks

The truth about Polystyrene
  • What is polystyrene, actually?
  • Is styrene harmful to my health?
  • Can polystyrene be recycled?
  • What is expanded polystyrene, or EPS?
  • What is expanded polystyrene used for?
  • How can I identify polystyrene or EPS?
The alternative to Polystyrene
  • Functionality & application of substrates
  • Recyclability: secondary application & recycling stream
  • Resource allocation throughout the value chain
  • Price-point: what the customer needs

We want you to act in being part of the solution for this packaging medium by participating in an Extended Producer Responsibility Scheme, understand how you are responsible for Polystyrene collection and recycling, help in educating those around you and quite simply, start recycling!

Taking responsibility for Polystyrene packaging
  • You have a responsibility to contribute to recycling
  • The Polystyrene Association of SA’s focus on PS recycling

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Mpact Versapak:
responsible converting
  • Membership and associations
  • Promote recycling
  • Health and safety standards BRC & EU laws
Is binning polystyrene really
the end?
  • Binning vs banning
  • The secondary market need for recycled content
  • education strategies to break the legacy of misinformation
  • Design for recyclability
  • What can we do with recycled polystyrene?