Mpact Versapak is “school ready”:  new face shield for KIDS

The safety of our children and our communities are a top priority for us at Mpact.  Aiming to make a difference through timeous innovation, we have developed a face shield specifically for children; ready for the re-opening of schools.

Our face shield, specially developed for learners, is designed with safety, comfort and practicality in mind.  Weighing a mere 46g, it comfortably fits over reading glasses and other face masks whilst fully covering the learner’s mouth, nose and eyes.

One size fits learners of all ages. However, the shield can further be tightened by using an elastic band between the two loops at the back of the headband.  Although the visor can be used multiple times and is fully washable, it can also be purchased separately if so required, once an initial set has been purchased.   

During this critical time, this is another way in which we are trying to do our part in fighting this pandemic, help reduce the spread of the disease and keep our children safe.

The Mpact Versapak kids face shield is available in packs of 200 units, visors and headbands packed separately. 

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