Ultrazorb Polystyrene meat trays: now also in PET and rPET

We’ve bid farewell to the bloody soaker pad through the development of our outrageously successful polystyrene Ultrazorb® range, but our innovation continues in the interest of recyclability and consumer convenience.

With a highly competitive price point, our new Ultrazorb® tray, aptly named PETZorb®, is fully recyclable and can be produced using food grade rPET too.

We bid farewell to yet another bloody soaker pad by making use of technology that incorporates the absorbency within the tray itself, even when displayed on the retail shelf at an angle, driving customer perception and sales.  The tray uses capillary action to draw fluid into micro piercings in the base and side walls of the tray.  This third-generation product absorbs almost double the amount of fluids over the same period of time as its absorbency pad alternative.

Besides the competitive price point, improved space utilization, product display visibility and stock control benefits for the meat, poultry and seafood markets, the consumer can now also enjoy a cleaner and more convenient shopping and cooking experience.

The trays are the subject of South African Design Application Nos. A2021/00168, A2021/00169 and F2021/001170.
In addition, technology employed in the trays is the subject of South African Provisional Patent Application No. 2021/01159.

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