We’re mastering circularity – beyond the beverage industry!

Mpact Versapak receives the prestigious PETCO award for launching a 100% post-consumer recycled PET food punnet that extends the rPET focus to thermoformed products!

Traditionally rPET material focused on applications such as beverage bottles, but by expanding the focus to thermoformed products, such as food punnets, we are extending the environmental benefit by supporting a greater return of this resource into the South African economy. It further contributes to sustainable solutions by creating new job opportunities and ultimately reducing the leakage of these products into the environment.

In addition to fulfilling the requirements as described in various regulations of the European Union, the punnet is manufactured for direct contact with food. It is certified by accredited laboratories and complies with specific and overall migration standards for chilled and fresh produce.

The raw material manufacturing process used to produce the rPET also holds a positive and exclusive scientific opinion from industry body, EFSA.

It is marked by the PET identification code 1 and its optimal design minimizes environmental footprint by optimizing transport and warehousing configurations.

For more information about this award winning product, visit https://www.mpactversapak.co.za/fresh-produce/grape-punnets or whatsapp us on 063 664 7194