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Fully EPR compliant

You are EPR compliant with all the packaging items that we supply to you.

By positively and financially contributing to industry associations, we enable you to be part of the solution and have access to the most updated industry developments.

Health & Safety

Our packaging is manufactured to stringent health and safety standards. We are committed to providing a safe and healthy working environment for all employees, contractors and service providers. The principle of “zero harm” is entrenched at each of Mpact Plastics’ operations.
Safety, health and environmental training is provided at compulsory induction programs for all new employees, contractors and visitors, as well as at annual re-induction training. Additional safety training and awareness campaigns are also held during the year.

Design Centre

We are geared and ready to innovate. Our offering starts with exceptional designs and ends with a packaging solution, in as little as two weeks!

We expertly design packaging that optimizes innovation, environmental benefit, performance and product-material ratio whilst being fully compliant to sustainable design principles.

Our team drives innovation using the latest computer-aided design and model-building technology to ensure that all parameters are met before packaging arrives on the retail shelf. We continually evaluate the balance between customer requirements and Reduction, Reuse and Recycling.

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Research & Development

We don’t communicate, we educate!

Our team is widely respected for their expert knowledge about Extended Producer Responsibility schemes. This allows us to create accurate content to engage with the industry at large and eliminate the legacy of misinformation in order to promote real-time, smarter sustainable solutions and comply with regulation.

Level 1 BB-BEE status

We are interested in your growth. Our level 1 status enables you to improve your own BB-BEE score.

Mpact is committed to transformation and we are extremely pleased that Mpact Operations retained its Level 1 BB-BEE contributor status during the year, reflecting our efforts in transformation, which go well beyond compliance. Mpact’s Diversity Policy focuses on promoting the diversity attributes of gender, race, culture, age, field of knowledge, skills and experience.


Section 18 of the new Waste Management Act came into effect on 5 May 2021. As a supporter of the circular economy, we have made great strides in many areas of our businesses towards closing the manufacturing loop ourselves. We welcome EPR schemes to ensure that more recycling does take place, and that less waste goes to South Africa’s landfill sites. It is our responsibility as a company that upholds its values and acts as a good corporate citizen to support proactive initiatives such as this, and to encourage compliance.

Mpact has been contributing to EPR by means of a voluntary levy, for several years and is an existing member of Packaging SA, Plastics SA, SAVA and Vinyl Loop, and the following Producer Responsibility Organisations (PROs):

  • Polyco (HDPE, LDPE, PP)
  • COPCO;
  • And the Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE)

We look forward to participating with you in this process, furthering our investment in a circular economy and contributing to smarter, sustainable solutions.
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Health & Safety

The Group safety plan is set at the start of each year by our CEO and Group Risk Sustainability Manager. This is cascaded down into the operations where site management develops their own roll-out plan to implement the Safety Plan. We are routinely audited, and senior management is responsible for safety, health, environment and fire defense systems, and are assisted by line managers and safety committees at each operation who are accountable for the well-being of employees.

The CEO’s Safety, Health and Environmental (SHE) Philosophy states that all injuries, occupational illnesses, safety and environmental incidents, and fires are preventable and that the target for them is zero. To achieve this, a number of safety, health and environmental interventions are in place and these are regularly monitored and enforced.

The annual Excellence in Health and Safety Awards recognize excellent safety performance at the operations. Audited by a Legal Consulting Service who specialize in safety legal compliance, the best performing operation is awarded the prestigious Mongoose Safety Award.

Geared and ready to innovate

Our lifecycle approach focuses on design requirements, filling line requirements, brand positioning, environmental considerations, supply chain requirements, costs, product preservation, shelf life and EPR parameters.

Our process includes digital sketching and editing that allows for real-time, onscreen industrial designs that enables us to meet deadlines whilst highlighting design features and benefits. By converting our digital sketches to 3D models we can offer photo-realistic renders and share product specifications such as stacking configurations, form, weight and volume validation and accurate pre-investment product visuals to fast track decision making and bringing a new product to life. In preparing for sampling, our technology allows us to assess the product performance in a real-world situation, such as top load limits, stress concentrations, vacuum pressure resistance and drop test simulations, thereby greatly mitigating risk. Samples for marketing purposes can be decorated in a variety of options such as sleeving, painted or labelled. Up to 200 product units can be prototyped for line trials by producing temporary moulds using our 3D printing capability, shorting your line trial product delivery timeline to only 2 weeks!

Research & Development

Our university affiliated, state-of-the-art Research and Development Centre, based in Stellenbosch, ensures the latest packaging related food safety standards and EPR regulations are adhered to. Through this valuable resource, we are able to engage and guide our customers through a journey of EPR compliance. Furthermore, our Research team places a continuous focus on food safety standards, ensuring that all our packaging is safe for direct food contact.