Custom Design

We’re a leading producer of rigid plastic products and capable of developing and manufacturing custom products and components for several industries in the local and international market.

Our Design Process

Our custom designed packaging option starts with exceptional designs and ends with a packaging solution, in as little as two weeks! We expertly design packaging that optimises innovation, environmental benefit, performance and product-material ratio whilst being fully compliant to sustainable design principles.
Digital sketching and editing that allows for real-time, onscreen industrial designs allows us to meet quick deadlines whilst highlighting design features and benefits.
By converting our digital sketches to 3D models we can offer photo-realistic renders and share product specifications such as stacking configurations, form, weight and volume validation and accurate pre-investment product visuals to fast track decision making and bringing a new product to life.
In preparing for sampling, our technology allows us to assess the product performance in a real-world situation, such as top load limits, stress concentrations, vacuum pressure resistance and drop test simulations, thereby greatly mitigating risk.
Samples for marketing purposes can be decorated in a variety of options such as sleeving, painted or labelled. Up to 200 product units can be prototyped for line trials by producing temporary moulds using our 3D printing capability, shorting your line trial product delivery timeline to only 2 weeks!


We expertly design packaging that optimizes innovation, environmental benefit, performance and product-material ratio whilst being fully compliant with sustainable design principles.

Custom designed moulds are necessary for custom designed products and therefore the decision to invest, rests on the annual volume required by your brand. The unique packaging requirements guide us to make use of the most relevant production technology and therefore determine the initial investment cost. In some cases, full mould investment may be eliminated by making use of generic preforms.