Mpact Versapak: partnering via the Polystyrene Association with a new polystyrene-concrete lightweight brick factory

The industry, under the guidance of The Polystyrene Association (which is now part of Polyco) has recently rolled out the red carpet for Khaya Khanya, a brand-new factory producing lightweight polystyrene-concrete bricks.  Mpact Versapak is proud to be a part of this project that is striving towards creating a circular economy. 

Through our affiliation with The Polystyrene Association, we are a proud media launch sponsor and continuous industry partner to the new Khaya Khanya factory, which opened its doors on 29 October 2021.  Producing lightweight concrete products, using only recycled polystyrene aggregate, their focus is on quality and environmental benefit.  Working closely with waste management services across SA to divert polystyrene waste from landfill, they are aiming to turn the tide on pollution and is expected to process and recycle a minimum of 25 tons polystyrene per month and will help to grow its recycling rate by at least 5% within the first year.

More than 30 000 tons of polystyrene is used as packaging, in SA, on an annual basis.  Up cycling this waste into energy efficient floor and walling products means diverting waste from landfill whilst also presenting a new, distinctive way of building.

The blocks are easy to install using standard building practices and can replace conventional bricks in most applications.  No specialist training is required.  It is further NHBRC approved, has a 120-minute SABS fire rating, excellent thermal resistance, is cost effective, waterproof and provides a transport cost saving due to its weight.  The biggest benefit however is the polystyrene waste that is diverted from landfill.

A whopping 950 low-cost houses, five educational centres in rural areas, student accommodation, residential apartment blocks and even landmark sites such as the museum at the Cape Town V&A waterfront and the Gautrain station have already benefitted from lightweight concrete blocks. 

At Mpact Versapak, we say ‘yes’ to polystyrene opportunities that offer such significant secondary market applications.  Partnering with initiatives such as The Polystyrene Association and Khaya Khanya not only strengthens polystyrene’s market position but also benefits other industries such as the construction, décor, stationary and outdoor furniture markets, whilst also advancing communities by creating employment opportunities.