Mpact Plastics ropes in two SAPRO awards

We are proud to have been presented with gold and silver awards at the SAPRO awards ceremony held online, on 14 October 2021.

The 100% rHDPE 750ml and 1.5lt household cleaner bottles that was awarded a GOLD award, supports the recycling of HDPE, reducing dependence on virgin material whilst creating a demand-pull for recycled plastics where infrastructure exists, thus stimulating investment in the collection and recycling industry and reducing the leakage of products into the environment. 

By producing this as a generic pack, we are enabling leading brands such as Unilever to support an environmentally friendly packaging option.

The new PET Ultrazorb tray, PETZorb® was awarded a SILVER award.  It is fully recyclable and can be produced using food grade rPET. It eliminates the need for an unnecessary packaging component, the non-recyclable, non-biodegradable soaker pad.

Feasibility studies indicate that once the range has been fully launched, approximately 20 million less soaker pads will be utilized.  Converted raw material tonnage is estimated at 50T per month.

With a competitive price point to ensure long term demand and market acceptance, the PETZorb tray makes use of advanced technology that incorporates the absorbency within the tray itself, even when displayed on the retail shelf at an angle.  The tray absorbs almost double the amount of fluids over the same period as its absorbency pad alternative.